Unclassified Art – Turtle Moon Island (Deep end Thessaloniki)

HAVING AN art studio is one of the most fantastic things that has happened to me. I feel as if inside these walls, wonderful ideas are born, and seeing them come to life on canvas is like a gift, each and every time. On this journey, I have discovered that through painting you end up learning a lot about both yourself and the world. You also have the chance to tell so many stories to other people, all without words. Art speaks a language of its own. It is silent, and yet, it says much. It is frozen, and yet it brings us warmth. The creation of art takes time, and yet, art is timeless.

turtle moon

Turtle Moon Island, Acrylic on canvas (2015)

In Turtle Moon Island, I initially wanted to reproduce a beautiful photograph of Grecian Islands. But it was missing something. It needed life. So I put some rocks. And I put some bushes. And then came the turtles. A lovely friend of mine who sat with me at the studio while I was painting this piece suggested I give the turtle a hat and bow tie, as well as a companion. And as I made the last few brushstrokes, I knew I had what I wanted. A story. A story that people could read and remember.


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