Unclassified Art-Waiting for a sign

Hello everyone, I hope this post finds you well. Summer is approaching here in Australia, and so I felt it would be nice to start posting art work that is more reflective of that. Don’t worry, there will still be touches of fantasy creeping in here and there:) I made the painting below based on a wonderful photo that my sister gave me, with a few tweaks. I’d also love to thank the customers who came to my shop today and suggested that I include a whale. I feel that it really completes the painting. You might notice that just at the edge of the sand, there is a group of five people standing still. These people are travellers, not the same travellers from my other painting, The Travellers Three, but travellers nonetheless. We all are, each of us with different plans, different dreams, and different sized suitcases. Please enjoy! -kkatlas

waiting for a sign

The travellers gaze at the whale, inspired by the beauty of the beach. Acrylic on canvas (2015) 501 mm x 1017 mm


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