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Goblin Sword is the swashbuckling, retro-inspired 2D platformer released in 2014 by Gelato Games, an indie team composed of John and Lefteris Christodoulatos. I first got my hands on it last year, and I absolutely loved it. The team at Touch Arcade felt the same way, rating it five out of five stars. It really is a fantastic game and pays homage to the arcade games of yesteryear in all the right ways. However, I’ve noticed there is a distinct lack of pictorial guides available for this game online. Youtube user Andy C83 has created some awesome video walkthroughs for the initial worlds, the Lost City, the Shadow Temple and Sacred Ruins. To supplement the video walkthroughs, I have put together a basic manual of all the weapons, armours, relics and souvenirs in the game. I hope they are useful for Goblin Sword enthusiasts, and anyone who can’t unlock certain items but wants to know what they are.  If you haven’t played Goblin Sword yet but would like to, you can get it from the App Store for just $2.49 USD. I absolutely recommend it! While it’s currently restricted to iOS, it is definitely the type of game that would make a smooth transfer to PC or console.

Download the print version of this guide here: Goblin Sword game guide pdf
Version 2 (2018 edition): Goblin Sword Guide 2018 pdf
Archived version: Goblin Sword Internet Archive Wayback Machine


  • Section 1: Pictorial walkthrough of where the treasure chests and crystals are in the Shadow Temple (Levels 1-7). This is designed as a supplement to the YouTube walkthrough.
  • Section 2: Explains which treasures can be found in each of the 16 levels of the Great Forest, Ancient Castle, Dark Caves, Lost City & Sacred Ruins.
  • Section 3: Complete pictorial walkthrough for all stages of Great Forest, Ancient Castle and Sacred Ruins (***Other stages under construction***)
  • Section 4: Breakdown of all the weapons, amours, relics and souvenirs in the whole game.
  • Section 5: Unofficial catalogue of all (or nearly all) of the monsters in the game, including bosses
  • Section 6: Gem guide (record of how much currency each gem is worth)


The Shadow Temple is the 5th main area of Goblin Sword. Like the previous areas (Great Forest, Ancient Castle, Dark Caves and Lost City) it also has 16 levels including the bonus level. Here are the locations of the treasures and crystals for the first 7 levels.



lvl 1 chest 1lvl 1 t2

Treasure 1 is near the beginning of the level, to the left of the spike encrusted blocks behind an invisible wall. In contrast, treasure 2 is near the end of the level, also behind an invisible wall, but you will need to drop down the gap near the rotating spiky beam and immediately jump left to reach it.
mage robe


Crystal 1 is just beneath the area with the minotaur, green ghost, masked assassin and winged griffin. Defeat them and fall onto the ledge on the right with the axe goblin. Proceed left via the platforms and defeat the olive ogre and copper knight in your path. Now, after knocking out the copper knight, jump up and left through a fake portion of the wall above him. There will be a mini ledge there that allows you to reach the crystal. The second crystal is in the next upcoming section. Walk across the blue icy platform and ahead of you there should be a couple of temporary stone blocks. In between them lies the crystal, suspended in mid-air. Jump carefully and grab it.


The final crystal is toward the end of the level. Manoeuvre your way past the section with the many spiky rotating beams. You will end up alongside a purple exploding knight and an axe goblin. To the right of the axe goblin is a falling spiky ledge. You need to go through the fake wall underneath that ledge in order to obtain crystal 3. c3



level 2 treasure 1level 2 treasure 2

Treasure 1 is in the fire breathing statue section. Simply jump towards the right, and above the yellow statue to reveal a treasure behind a hidden wall. The second treasure is tucked away on a ledge above a thin vertical barrier. Below it, there is a vertically moving yellow spiky block. The barrier looks solid, but it’s not. Jump through it and it will transform into a single step block that you can use as leverage to access the treasure just above.



For the first crystal, you need to go past the section with the three fire-breathing yellow statues. Drop down all the ledges to the bottom, where there should be an olive ogre. Defeat it and keep moving right, down the step, to an area with a fire warthog and candelabra. On the very right, you can push through a fake wall to grab crystal 1. Crystal 2 is actually quite close by. Jump up the ledges and you will come to an area with a spring. If you jump on it, you will be flanked by an axe goblin to your left, and a tusked boar to your right. Go onto the platform with the tusked boar, defeat it, and jump upwards. There will be a purple exploding knight and red snake as you work your way up these ledges, but don’t jump up onto the snake ledge just yet. Defeat the knight, and go right through a fake wall for the crystal.


The final crystal is further ahead. Go past the fire warthog and a green ghost will try to fly at you, so defeat it. Then drop down the ledge, and yellow conveyor belt (an axe goblin will be on your left) onto the stone floor. Go right through a fake wall in the corner to collect the crystal.





The first treasure is right at the beginning of the level, and can be accessed using the elevator panel. The next treasure is just slightly later on. You have to use the falling spike traps in order to reach it. Wait for them to fall and then jump on top of them (the safe side) to navigate your way to the treasure.


Crystal no 1 is quite deep in the level, and yet it’s virtually unmissable since it’s in plain sight. Reach the area with the olive ogre and yellow fire-breathing statue (this location is just after the fire warthog and four spiky falling ledges). The crystal will be tucked up in the right hand corner of the ceiling. The next crystal is just up ahead and can be accessed using a spring. Jump onto the spring and propel yourself up and leftward, straight through a fake wall into a small crevice.


Finally, crystal no 3 is also behind a fake wall. It is just before the end of the level. Reach the platform with a fire warthog, then jump up and left to break through the wall and complete the crystal collection for level 5-3.





The first treasure is high above one of those pig warriors. There are a few temporary blocks you can use to jump up and grab it. The remaining treasure is toward the end of the level, behind a hidden barrier to the left of the elevator panels.


Crystal the first is behind a fake wall near a red snake. Quickly run over the temporary stone blocks (and defeat the green ghost on your way), and drop down to the second row, then go right through the fake wall and collect the crystal. The next one is in the section with the winged griffin and red snake. Don’t jump over the stone pillar just yet. Note the single brown ledge at the bottom-this is a clue! Land on it, and push through the fake wall to unveil crystal no 2.


Crystal 3 is below the pig knight. There are a series of temporary stone blocks that lie above a spike pit, and above one of the blocks you can carefully swipe the crystal.




lvl 5 t1lvl 5 t2

Go towards the second yellow conveyor belt, but don’t jump over the spiky rotating beam. Instead keep going, and you’ll fall down onto a hidden ledge below. Below that is an invisible pathway full of temporary blocks. Navigate these carefully to reach the first treasure. The second treasure requires a bit of work. When you reach the section with the purple exploding knight and spiky yellow blocks, jump up toward the temporary blocks on the right, and onto the stable wall. Then jump left as far as you can, and you will break through an invisible wall. You may need triple jump for this. Keep going up the mini ledges and you’ll see one of those characteristic red moving platforms. Jump on it and it will take you to a narrow passageway lined with a stream of coins. Follow them, and you will eventually drop through another (vertical) passage way that leads you straight to the treasure. This passageway is invisible from the ledge that the treasure is on, which makes it rather difficult to guess how you can get up on this ledge. (Note: triple jump/winged boots are not enough to access this treasure either!)



For the initial crystal, go to the area with the olive ogre and the yellow, horizontally moving spiky blocks. It will be in plain sight on the ground, so just time it carefully in order to not get damaged by the blocks. The second crystal is just up ahead, after a purple exploding knight. Jump up onto the temporary stone blocks on the right, and then up again onto the edge (which will have four gold coins and a crystal wedged in the middle).


Finally, crystal 3 is accessible via the second elevating panel. Board it, and wait until just before it reaches the spiky ceiling and grab the crystal.




level 6 t1level 6 t2

For the first treasure, drop on the left side of the wall, past the purple exploding knight, and you should break through an invisible wall. There you will find a red moving platform. Jump upon it, and then follow it until it stops. It will stop just to the right of 2 grey blocks. Jump onto these and then continue moving upward until you reach the top, where you must jump through an invisible wall for the first treasure. The second treasure is easier to find. Keep going towards the end of the level. You will encounter three falling spiky ledges. Go past these, and past the candles all the way to the right. You’ll notice the wall is fake, so drop through it and follow the path until you reach the treasure.


For crystal 1, you need to reach the area with the 2 yellow conveyor belts and 2 yellow horizontally moving spiky blocks. There should be a tusked boar below them, but don’t go there yet; stay on the first conveyor belt, and jump up right. You will break through a fake wall and land on the crystal. The next crystal can be found after the spiky wall maze just after the tusked boar. This crystal is very easy to miss, because it’s located in a place that seems a) unexpected and b) in a place that is too dangerous/crowded for a crystal to be. Reach the area with the 3 rows of crumbling stone blocks, which have a few stray spikes here and there. Move to the left, and when the first row breaks, run left and break through a fake wall to collect crystal 2. If you found this crystal without using a walkthrough, well done.


The last crystal for level 5-6 is beneath a wooden ledge, and above it are 3 falling spiky ledges, so be careful as you run past! To reach this crystal, keep going right, all the way past the candelabra and then fall down the fake wall on the extreme right of the screen down a hidden gap. Go past the treasure, and then jump up left through the fake stone wall to reach the crystal.




level 5-7 t1level 5-7 t2

When you reach the first yellow conveyor belt, jump up twice to move through a hidden wall. Then carefully jump across the temporary blocks, which should lead you to the right. Jump up onto a brown ledge with a spring. There you will find treasure chest 1. For treasure number 2, go back to the yellow conveyor belt region near the start of the level. Ascend them all. You will reach an area with 3 falling spiky platforms. Go past these, and use the one on the right to get up to the higher ledge. Jump up, and go left, where you should be able to see those thin grey platforms that appear and disappear. Time it right, and use them to get through an invisible wall. The treasure should be just below on the left.


Crystal the first is in plain sight, hanging from the ceiling. It is just after a section with an axe goblin, and it is surrounded by vertically ascending and descending yellow spiky blocks. Be careful with your timing, and grab this crystal while it’s hot. The second crystal is on a single step stone block just below a copper knight. When you pass the section with a whole army of enemies (tusked boar, axe goblin, floating skulls, green ghost, fire warthog, masked assassin, purple exploding knight and winged griffin) drop down the ledges to reach this crystal. You wouldn’t guess that a crystal would be located here, since it’s just out of your line of sight.


The very last crystal, crystal no 3, is a bit later on. Scale the icy blue platforms until you reach a platform that is above 3 crumbling stone blocks. A copper knight should be above you, and pretty soon a green ghost and winged griffin will begin advancing towards you, so make sure you take them out first. The crystal is in the corner below, perched just above the temporary stone blocks. Grab it, exit the level, and prepare yourself to go head to head with the Barbarian (Boss 9).




The charts below list the location of each treasure (weapons, armours, relics or souvenirs) for all 16 levels of the Great Forest, Ancient Castle, Dark Caves, the Lost City and Sacred Ruins. Not all treasures are accounted for, because some of them must be purchased from the merchant rather than discovered during gameplay. Please use as visual reference and enjoy! (*author considers creating entire book*).




sacred ruins treasures


Welcome to the Goblin Sword complete pictorial walkthrough for each main area of the game, including Great Forest, Ancient Castle, Dark Caves, Lost City, Shadow Temple and Sacred Ruins. This walkthrough will guide you through the locations of all treasures and crystals in each level. Currently, only Great Forest, Ancient Castle and Sacred Ruins have been completed, and the other stages are still under construction (It’s been almost four years since I started this walkthrough but I haven’t forgotten my promise). Once the other stages are complete, they will also be uploaded here and converted into a pdf file, so users can print this guide when they have no internet access or prefer a physical copy. Please enjoy.

great forest

great forest plaque

great forest

The Great Forest is the 1st main area of Goblin Sword. It has 16 levels including the bonus level. Here are the locations of all the treasures and crystals in each level.



The very first treasure is behind a fake wall. Defeat the yellow snake, and you will see a farmer who says that the wall ‘looks strange’. Proceed through it to claim treasure no 1. The second one is located in a high up area near a barrel, just before the end of the level. Jump onto the tree and then use the ledge to get up to an area with barrels. The treasure is on a ledge just ahead, but it is guarded by a rat, so be careful that it doesn’t run into you and steal your health.

treasure 1 level 1treasure 2 level 1


Crystal 1 is on the ground in plain sight near the pirate man. Simply run into it to collect it. The next crystal is past the snake and next to the spiky wooden pit. It is just to the right of the tree.

crystal 1 level 1crystal 2 level 1

The very last one is on a small ledge near a wooden barrel (on your way to treasure no 2).  It should be on top of two gold coins.

crystal 3 level 1



Treasure 1 is located near the blue flying bird at the left side of the level. When you reach the area with the boomerang goblin, jump up on the ledge on the left. Then continue on this path, past the well, across the chasm below until you reach a pond. Treasure 2 is located on a wooden ledge, which is also conveniently near a crystal. Near the end of the level, there is a cannon goblin. Jump up on the platform above it, then go right. Defeat the brown ghost and cannon goblin and the second treasure is as good as yours.

level 1-2 t1level 1-2 t2 c3


The first crystal can be found behind a fake wall near a spring. There should be a yellow snake just to the left of the spring. The next one is located in a higher region across some ledges, then adjacent to the earthy platform below. When you use the spring and jump upward, jump to your left. Take care to avoid the swooping boomerang that the goblin will try to cast in your direction. Keep climbing the building on your left. You will reach a well-continue past that, and jump left towards the platform with a yellow snake. Just below here is where the crystal can be found.

level 1-2level 1-2 2nd

The final crystal is on a grassy ledge on the right hand side of the level, also very close to a treasure chest. Jump on the platforms after the cannon goblin and move upwards. Go past a few trees and you will reach the crystal.

level 1-2 t2 c3


mage robe variant

This magician person at the start of the level seems to be wearing a nice variation of the Mage Robe.



Go past the pig, then jump up right into the area that looks far too small to break through. Keep going and you will reach an area with a red dinosaur. Defeat it, and fall down the steps to the first treasure. The second treasure is behind a fake wall near a miniature pond and levitating platform. Jump through the wall and into a hidden recess to access the treasure.

t1 l31t2 l31



Just to the right of a yellow snake tucked under a grass ledge is the first crystal. The next crystal is behind a fake wall, via the same path used for treasure no 1, and it is suspended in mid-air. It is also being guarded by the red dinosaur, so take care not to get damaged.

crystal 1 31crystal 2 31

The final crystal is towards the end of the level, behind a yellow snake and submerged beneath the water. Defeat the pig and bat to clear the way and then grab crystal no 3.

c3 l31



For treasure no 1, use the spring at the start of the level to catapult yourself upwards and through the wall above on the right. Defeat the two yellow snakes that block your path and let yourself drop down the ledges right next to the treasure chest. The next treasure is also in a secret area, at the end of the level. It is very easy to miss, because it is so well disguised. Just near the exit, there is a wooden ledge above a spiky pit. The grass platforms on either side both look solid, but the lower one on the right hand side is actually fake. Go through it and fall down the ledges to a secret area. Use the single step platforms (while avoiding the blue bird and falling into the wooden spikes below) to access the second treasure.




The first crystal is just on top of a ledge surrounded by rolling spikes. It is after two brown ghosts. Defeat them, and use the barrels to jump up into the ledge section. The second crystal is located behind a fake wall, close by to the first crystal. Climb up to the highest ledge, and then jump left onto the ledge with coins. Double jump up and move left to break through a fake wall.


Finally, proceed to the end of the level (past the rats and the brown ghosts). You will reach a wooden spike pit, but the descended ledge on the right is fake. Fall through it and go down all the ledges. The crystal will be on the middle ledge above the brown spike pit. Be careful of the blue bird as you try to grab crystal no 3.




Jump on the ascending/descending ledge and defeat the brown ghost that tries to attack you. Then jump left onto the ledge. Treasure numero uno can be found just below the brown ogre. For the next treasure, reach the area with the boomerang goblin, but don’t go past the spider. Instead, fall down the pit (it looks like it will kill you but there are ledges below). The treasure chest will be on the right, guarded by a yellow snake. Watch out for the wooden spiky pit on your way.



At the beginning of the level, go past the boomerang goblin and fall down onto the grass platform with the mushrooms. Then wade through the shallow water and break through a fake wall for crystal no 1. The second crystal is also behind a fake wall, just to the right of a yellow fish in a pond, with a panel that is ascending and descending above it.


The final crystal can be located near the end of the level. You should reach an area with a cannon goblin and an elevating/descending panel. Board that panel and use it as leverage to access a ledge in the upper right hand corner. Swipe the jewel and exit the stage.




Treasure 1 is on a high ledge at the beginning of the level. Jump up and go past the boomerang goblin and red dino, then don’t go down, but instead jump onto the mini ledge. There will be some single step platforms diagonally upward to your left. Navigate those carefully (and defeat the blue bird) all the way to the left of the level to reach the treasure. The second treasure is also on a high ledge, but situated more towards the end of the level. You will reach a spring, make sure to jump left. Defeat the brown ogre in your way and keep ascending the steps until you reach the treasure chest.




The first crystal can be sourced from the lower left hand region of the level. Move past the cannon goblin, and then fall into the pit below (don’t jump across the gap to where the boomerang goblin is yet). You should land next to a well (on the other side you will see a submerged barrel and a yellow snake). Proceed to the left, defeat the pig and collect crystal no 1. The second crystal is just after the section with the red dino. Don’t use the spring to access the next part of the level, but instead fall down onto the alcove on the right. Then, taking care not to land in the wooden spike pit, jump through the fake wall on the left.


The final crystal is also near a wooden spike pit. It is being guarded by a yellow snake. Defeat the snake, collect the jewel and exit the level with style.




The first treasure is behind a locked door near the start of the level, on a wooden ledge. When you reach the locked door, jump and right. You should break through a fake wall, where there will be a pot. Smash it to obtain a key. Then use the key to unlock the door, and carefully fall down the ledges to obtain the treasure. The second one is behind a secret wall. Reach the section with the red dino and yellow snake, but don’t fall down the gap in the middle. Defeat the snake and jump through the fake wall behind it. Defeat the pig and jump up to a platform with a red dino. On the right there will be a red moving panel, which you can use to access the treasure (located on the other side on a high ledge).




Crystal 1 is past the old man in the red cloak with the walking stick. Continue past his house, and you should reach a ledge with a blue bird flying above it. Just to the right of that above canon goblin is where the crystal is located. Crystal 2 is behind a secret wall near the start of level, and is being guarded by a pig. When you drop down the gap (after the cannon goblin, and the red dino and yellow snake) you should land on a barrel. Don’t go right to where the pig is. Instead, go left past the axe fox and double jump to propel yourself through the fake wall.


The last crystal is in plain sight, in the middle of a large shuriken area near the end of the level. It is in a grassy pit just underneath the second spinning shuriken.7c3



The first treasure is just near a yellow snake. When you reach the area with an axe fox, defeat it and you will find a spring. Use it to catapult yourself leftward. Jump up to the left (take care to not get damaged by the red dino) and carefully drop through the narrow gap onto the ledge. The next treasure is behind a locked barrier at the end of the level. You need a special key to unlock it. The key is located earlier on in the level, behind a bomb goblin.



Crystal no 1 is alongside the mini rolling shuriken at the start of the level. There are a couple of rats (One normal rat and a mini rat) and a cannon goblin in this area, so be careful how you navigate your way to this crystal. The second crystal is behind a fake wall near the spring. There will be a bomb goblin on a ledge on the left. Use the spring to jump into the alcove, then jump up and through the fake wall to collect the crystal.


The final crystal is just past the spider on the ledge, near the end of the level. Continue past the brown ogre and fall down the ledges. Jump over the barrel and go left, where you can climb the ledges to reach the crystal located just under the bridge.




Jump up the wooden ledges at the start of the level for the first treasure. Use the barrels as leverage and then ascend 4 ledges, until you get to the characteristic flame torch that signifies a treasure is nearby. Treasure 2 is on a platform high above. To access it, first reach the area with the spiky wooden strip and the spaced out wooden ledges. When you’re on the ledge just before the yellow snake, jump up (this requires triple jump/winged boots) and then continue moving along the grassy platforms until you arrive at the treasure’s location. If you don’t have winged boots, don’t worry. Move past the snake and jump up through a fake ceiling, where there should be ledges that lead you upward.



For the first crystal, go the left of the spider at the very start of the level. It is on a small ledge after the lake. The next one is via a secret passageway above the snake. It should be suspended in the air, just above a single step platform, right on the path to treasure no 2.


The final crystal is behind a fake wall, and below a large shuriken near the end of the level. Carefully drop down the ledges, avoiding the pig, and move towards your left.




Treasure the first is past an axe fox near some falling ledges. You should reach an area with lots of wooden spikes. A couple of bats will come flying towards you, so carefully dispose of them and then proceed on your way. Use the falling ledges to navigate your way over the spikes. The second treasure chest is in a pit of water (beware of the fish). It is in the pit of the 4th fish from the left, and there is a hidden ledge on the right that allows you to get back up again.




At the start of the level, jump up the ledges (on the extreme edge of the level) on the left to acquire the first crystal. The second crystal is below some falling platforms near the spiky wooden pits. On the second falling platform, wait a little bit until you reach the crystal, then quickly jump onto the grass ledge on the right to avoid getting spiked.


The final one is to the right of a cannon goblin, behind some wooden spikes. To reach it, go overhead (avoid the wooden spikes along the way) and then drop down the ledges that lead to the left. Carefully cross over the rolling shuriken in the pit, and proceed to collect the crystal.




The first treasure is behind a secret wall at the start of the level. It is also located near the second crystal. Getting to it requires a bit of work, since you quite literally need to go to the end of the level in order to reach a suitable pathway that leads to it. Once you reach the spring, catapult yourself leftward onto the grassy building. Keep going all the way to the left, past the blue bird, red dino, boomerang goblin and spider. You should reach a falling panel (near crystal 2). Let the panel fall for a bit, but then quickly jump right onto a ledge and break through a secret wall. Make sure your timing is right as you go past the vertically moving shuriken, and swipe the treasure. The second treasure is in the section just above two bomb goblins, behind a secret wall, and on the right. Climb up to the area above goblins, and then fall down hugging the right wall closely to access this treasure. It is very easy to miss this one, given its unexpected hiding place.




Go to the left side of the platform below the large spinning shuriken for the first crystal. It is in plain sight, and is hard to miss, so just time it well and avoid getting damaged. For crystal 2, you will need to do a lot of backtracking. Towards the end of the level, there is an area with a spring and a moving panel. Propel yourself upward and use the panel to jump left, onto a grassy area. Defeat the blue bird and red dino and continue on your way, heading past the boomerang goblin and the spider on the extreme left of the level. Then use the moving platform above the spiky wooden pit to reach the crystal.


The final crystal is on a platform above two bomb goblins, near a treasure. This is in the central region of the level, and unless you have the winged boots, you normally can’t access it from below. Instead, you must use the route via the spring, and then fall down onto the platform from above (which is just after the blue bird section).

l11 c3



The initial treasure is behind a locked door in the lower realms of the level. It requires a key, which can be accessed from a pot (near crystal no 2). To reach the key, continue through the level until you reach the part with the brown ogre. Then jump up left, and make your way past the boomerang goblin. Leap over the two wooden spike pits, and then fall down onto the small ledge with the pot. If you break it the key will appear. Now go back to where the brown ogre was, and this time go right. Follow the path, past the two pigs on ledges. When you fall down to the ground and reach the well, go left towards the barrier. The second treasure is behind a fake wall in a high area. It is accessible via a hidden spring in the ground. You should reach an area with a mini rolling shuriken on the ground, and an axe fox just after it. There will also be a pond (with a fish inside it) to your right. But first notice that there is a suspicious looking dip in the floor, where one part of the ground seems lower than it should be. Jump into it and you will uncover a spring, which will grant you access to higher areas. Jump up and go left past the boomerang goblin. Then proceed through the fake wall to grab the other treasure.



The first crystal is behind a fake wall, just to the left of the red dino. Jump up onto the ledge on the left (this is the section just after the axe fox and bat). The next one is past the boomerang goblin, via the single step platforms. When you reach the brown ogre, go left and continue past the boomerang goblin. It is situated in a nook in the wall on the left hand side of the level.


Finally, crystal no 3 is near the end of the level, and like the first and second crystals, it is also inside a nook in the wall. Use the hidden spring in the floor near the mini rolling shuriken. Go right, and defeat the brown ghost while you’re there. The crystal will be just below up against the wall, so jump carefully and grab it. l12c3



Treasure no 1 is behind a hidden wall on the left of the level. Reach the area with the brown ogre, and then fall down the ledge onto the mushroom platform. From there you can jump left through the fake wall, and use the 2 falling panels (be careful to avoid the wooden spikes) to access the treasure. The second treasure is being guarded by a snake upon a high up ledge. Proceed to the area with a spring (after the rats) and use it to catapult yourself upward. There will be two blue birds here. Jump past them to your left, onto a ledge with a red dino. Continue past it, past the axe fox, and eventually you will reach the treasure’s location.



Crystal no 1 is against a wall near a tree trunk, right on the path of treasure 1. After you emerge from beneath the blocked pathway of the treasure, simply jump over the trunk and onto the small grass ledge to collect it. The second crystal is behind a fake wall near the second treasure. It’s easy to miss this crystal, since it’s right after a major find (a treasure) and lots of trekking, so never assume with Goblin Sword!


And the final crystal is against the wall in a nook up high. Use the spring and instead of going left past the 2 blue birds, jump right, and the crystal is nestled in a small alcove in the wall.


level 14 great forest goblin sword


The first treasure can be found near the beginning of the level. Jump up onto the ledge with the pig (and crystal no 1). Now, it looks like the wall behind the pig is solid, but since it is in fact a fake wall, plough right through it. On your way through the secret passageway, defeat the axe fox, and fall down the gap onto a grassy platform with treasure numero uno. The next treasure is a bit trickier to obtain. Proceed to the area with the brown ogre, 2 moving ledges, and a wooden spike pit. Board the second ledge (the one on the right of the ogre) and you should notice that there is a gap in the spike pit below. Time it carefully and fall down that gap. Now, on your left will be the telltale sign that a treasure is close by-the flame torch. Proceed right and defeat the two yellow snakes to access the treasure.



Crystal 1 is on a wooden ledge, and is being guarded by a pig. It’s just at the beginning of the level, so after you defeat the boomerang goblin, don’t fall down to the lower region just yet. For crystal no 2, do go down to the lower region. Go to the left of the yellow snake on the grass, and move towards the pig on a ledge. Carefully make the jump across the gap to collect the crystal (defeat the second yellow snake if desired).


The final crystal is within a pond, near a pig and snake. Even though it’s submerged in water, is is not so inconspicuous that you’ll miss it. It is located right near the end of the level, so make sure not to exit without checking the area just below the red dino or you might miss this crystal.




For the first treasure, go past the rolling shurikens (which seem to spontaneously generate) and wooden spikes at the start of the stage. Continue until you reach the section with the red dino. There you should notice some single step platforms. Defeat the brown ghosts, and proceed leftward. Ascend the platforms with care, manoeuvring your way around the blue bird and cannon goblin’s projectiles, until you reach the axe fox. Defeat it, and continue past the boomerang goblin and pig (who is on a ledge above). Then jump up to find another cannon goblin, and continue past it to find a brown ogre. Behind him are some ledges you can use to jump onto the single step platform on your left. Carefully move past the vertically spinning shuriken onto the last single step platform. Then jump through the fake wall to unveil the treasure. The next treasure is being guarded by rats and is behind a barrel. To access this area, go to the place where you first saw the brown ogre. Fall down the gap just before you reach him. You should land in an area with a mini wooden spike pit and a red dino prowling about. Follow this path to the right, where you should see a yellow snake on your way, and you will eventually reach a single step platform that is situated just before a barrel. Jump over the barrel and defeat the rats to claim your prize.




Crystal no 1 is located in a low pit with a rolling shuriken. It’s just at the beginning of the level, right after the red dino. Time yourself carefully to avoid getting hit by the shuriken. The next one is upon a single step platform, near a vertically rotating shuriken. Reach the area with the brown ogre, and get up to the single step platforms above. Then carefully jump over the shuriken to grab the crystal.


And the final crystal is in a nook in the wall, near a spiky wooden pit. Go past the brown ogre and pig, but drop down the platforms before the axe fox. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll encounter a yellow snake. Defeat it, and jump up right into a small alcove to collect the crystal.c3l15



Treasure the first is wedged at the end of a wooden spike flanked area. When you reach the area with the bat, red dino and bomb goblin, defeat them all and then jump up left towards where the brown ogre is. Above that are some more ledges, which lead to a kind of cave enclosure complete with wooden spike floor and ceiling. Use the single step platform in the middle to jump to the other side and claim the treasure (Note: It is very easy to lose a life here). The second treasure is behind a secret wall, across a gap and is guarded by a cannon goblin. To get there, you need to go past the locked barrier, and then past the section with wooden trunks, wooden spike pits, and a whole bunch of enemies (brown ghost, blue bird, diagonal cannon goblin, spider and so on). Then use the red moving panel further on to transport yourself past wooden spikes, a bat, a spider and blue bird, until you reach a spring. To the right of that spring, you can break through a fake wall. Behind it you will find an axe fox. Defeat it, and jump carefully across the gap to the other side, where you will find the treasure being guarded by a dangerously positioned cannon goblin. Defeat the goblin and the treasure is yours.




The first crystal is in the air, below a large spinning shuriken at the start of the level. It’s a bit challenging to get this one, since the price for not jumping correctly is death. So make your jumps count. The next one is in the middle of two large spinning shurikens, above some wooden spikes. This section is toward the end of the level, right after a boomerang goblin, a couple of rats, a bat, and a diagonal cannon goblin. Acquiring this crystal is pretty high pressure, since it’s wedged right in the middle of 2 horizontally spinning shurikens and right above a spike pit, plus you have to contend with a red dino. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to timing. Wait till the shurikens have moved to the right, and seize the opportunity to snatch the crystal.


The very last crystal is behind a fake wall, just to the left of a single vertically spinning shuriken. It is extremely close to the end of the level. Defeat the bomb goblin and brown ogre, but before you ascend the ledges, jump through the wall on the left. It looks far too small to be considered a hiding place for a crystal, which is precisely what makes it so difficult to find and therefore easy to miss. Collect it and exit the last stage of Great Forest with honour.



ac description

Ancient Castle is the second main area of Goblin Sword. It has 16 levels including the bonus level. Here are the locations of all the treasures and crystals in each level.


Treasure 1 is behind a fake wall. To reach it, keep moving vertically and sneak past the horizontally moving spike block. Then, go right but ignore the first green barrier, and jump onto the ledge. Defeat the mummy goblin. Instead of jumping onto the next ledge (with an axe goblin on patrol), keep walking to the right and you will pass through a fake green barrier. Continue through the stone wall and carefully make your way across the spikes. The treasure will be at the end of the passageway at a lower level of ground, flanked by blue and green vases. Treasure 2 is located in the middle part of the level, and to access it, you need to activate a switch. Move the block from the ledge down toward the ground, and lead it to a red button in the ground. Once it activates it, a barrier on the right will lift. Proceed through the passageway to collect the treasure.


At the beginning of the level, you will reach an area with a falling spiky block (just after the axe goblin). Run quickly underneath the block to avoid damage and swipe the first crystal. The second crystal is to the right of a red witch. Don’t board the descending green panel, but instead jump up through the fake wall above the wooden ledge, and you will fall into the crystal.

Crystal no 3 is right at the end of the level. Run past the second spiky falling block, and you will see a cluster of 4 blocks that looks like a tetris piece. Jump on the tallest point and use it as leverage to propel yourself onto the ledge above the spiky falling block (a double jump will suffice). Keep climbing up, jump over the two blocks and defeat the rat to claim the final crystal.


Treasure numero uno is through an area barricaded with 2 bricks. Smash through them and you will see an axe goblin patrolling a ledge. Fall to the ledge beneath, and you should see three coins lined up against the wall on the right. This looks a bit like a clue! Jump through them and straight into a hidden area where the treasure awaits. The second treasure is right above the start of the level, and is extremely well hidden. Go past the pig on the ledge, and use the spring to propel yourself upward. Land on the ledge on the left. Then double jump and you will break through a fake ceiling. Climb upward until you reach the top, and proceed left over the spiky pits. You will eventually reach an area with a blue bird patrolling the air. This region will have a cluster of 6 beams, but the short one (roughly in the middle) is a fake beam. Fall down the gap and move all the way to the bottom to grab the treasure (DINNER PLATES)!


The initial crystal is behind a spider on the balcony. You will reach a ledge with a pirate goblin on it, and then you need to jump up and left to the area with three coins and the crystal. The second crystal is near the second treasure, which is right above the start of the level. After obtaining treasure one, jump on the spring and you’ll land on a ledge near a green snake. Don’t jump above it to the right. Go left and jump onto the stone platform. Double jump to break through an invisible ceiling. You’ll land on a wooden beam. Jump again to reach the top. Cross the two spike pits with careful timing, and outwit the green bird and mummy goblin. Go past the blue bird section and the cluster of 6 beams. You will run into an axe goblin just ahead on the left. Defeat it and jump past the burning candle into the pit to collect the crystal.

Crystal no 3 is near that green snake. Go back, and this time jump onto the next ledge. Run past the falling thwomp, defeat or dodge the skeleton knight. Then double jump left through the fake wall so you can access the crystal.


Treasure 1 is located near the beginning of the level. Go past the pirate goblin, and ascend the three wooden platforms. Now time it right and climb the three flipping wooden spike ledges to your left. Keep climbing left and you should reach a small corridor guarded by a green bird. The treasure will be behind a flame. The second treasure is exquisitely hidden. Go to the area with a horizontally moving spiky block. that has destructible brick walls beneath. When the block is all the way to the right, dash to the middle of the platform and jump up. You’ll jump through an invisible ceiling and land on a spring. Then it’s just a matter of leaping onto the treasure (IRON CLAWS).


Crystal 1 is actually very close by to Treasure 2. Jump onto the high beam and then fall down to collect two coins and the crystal (there is a floating red panel to save you after you fall). The second crystal can be found in the air. Jump over the skeleton knight (or crush him), deal with the rat, and you’ll arrive at a section with an axe goblin and blue bird. You need to go left here. Jump when it’s safe, and scoop up the three coins. Now double jump as far as you can to the left and you’ll grab the crystal while airborne.


Crystal 3 can be found towards the end of the level. Go past the axe goblin and use the spring when it’s safe (ie when the spiky block won’t hit you) to catapult yourself upward. On your right is a purple ogre. Dispose or defeat, and do the same with the red witch after him. But don’t go down to the green bird just yet. At the highest point of the recess in the wall, there’s a tiny alcove. Jump into it to claim the final crystal.


For Treasure 1, make it to the area with two flipping spiked platforms and a cannon goblin. Drop to the bottom. You should land in an area with a blue vase, spring (to your north) and a pirate goblin waiting for combat. Defeat him, then proceed leftward to get your treasure. Treasure 2 requires some handiwork. Are you good with lockpicking? No matter, because there’s a secret key you can access right near a vertically ascending/descending spiky block. A green snake will be hissing on the right. Wait until the block is in the bottom pit, then jump up into the narrow passage to break through a fake wall on the right. Pocket the key because you’ll need it very soon. Now face the snake, break the bricks, and when the second spiky block is up high, you can unlock the door down below to access treasure two (GEM IDOL).


Go back to the area with two flipping wooden spike platforms and the axe goblin. Notice how in the top right hand corner, there’s a stone nook? That’s Goblin Sword’s way of saying ‘hint’. Jump into it, and press on to break through a fake wall. The first crystal awaits there. Crystal 2 is easily found as part of your natural level progression. It’s right under a spiky block in plain sight. To avoid damange, I like to jump over it, then quickly swipe the crystal from the right hand side. One more to go.

Acquiring Crystal 3 can be a bit dangerous if you’re too slow. Once you jump down onto the second green platform, spiked wheels start rolling towards you. They’re headed toward a pit. You need to outrun them, because the crystal is smack bang in the middle of that pit. Get there before they do and add the crystal to your collection.


Treasure 1 will be behind a secret wall, just at the rear of the second cannon goblin on your left. The second treasure is even less obvious. After obtaining the final crystal, drop down and proceed to the left. You should fall into an area with a pirate goblin. Defeat it. Then keep going and you’ll see green and blue vases with what appears to be a solid stone wall. But it isn’t. Push through the fake wall and plunge down all the way to the bottom, into a concealed corridor. Collect the coins and defeat the rats. Now, activate the orange switch by jumping onto it. This will unlock a barrier that was previously keeping a treasure hostage. Keep jumping upwards and you’ll reach your prize (CHANDELIER).


Crystal 1 should be right behind  the first cannon goblin on your left. Just time it right so it won’t deal you any damage. For Crystal 2, reach an area with a green bird, brown ghost, red witch and pig. Defeat them all. Then, use the pillar to your left and jump right into the suspended beam. You’ll break through an invisible barrier. Now double jump left, and double jump right and you’ll be face to face with the crystal.

The final crystal is up high in an area lined with mummy goblins and a purple ogre on ground level. Slash them, then continue right and you’ll arrive at a section with a horizontally moving spiky block. Run past when it’s on the right hand side, and double jump up to a pale green ledge for safety. Now double jump all the way to the left and you should fall into the crystal.


To obtain the first treasure, you’ll need to jump on a spring, navigate a rotating spiky panel, and outwit a skeleton knight – it’s located just to the left of the first crystal, in fact. Treasure two is trickier. You’ll need to use the block near the fake wall (which had crystal two inside it). Start pushing it down to the left. Don’t break the first lot of four bricks you see. You need to manouvre the block past them (I like to slash the first two bricks on the left), and let it fall down onto the next set of four horizontal bricks. Make sure they are all smashed first. Then push the block onto a red switch. This will activate a barrier that’s hidden within a room in the wall. Use the moving blue panel (near mummy goblin) to get leverage, then leap into an alcove in the wall. Push through the fake wall. Dash past two thwomps and jump into the corner to collect the treasure (MASAMUNE).


The first crystal is situated at the beginning of the level, but at a high altitude. To reach it, run to the place with a mummy goblin and break the bricks covering the spring. Jump up and go left. Cross the rotating spiky ledge when it’s safe, and you’ll come to a long platform with two flames and a skeleton knight. Beneath him is a blue moving panel that will allow you to access the crystal. For crystal 2, you’ll need to travel to the top right edge of the level. Go past the purple ogre and green snake and don’t solve the block puzzle just yet. Jump over the block, and keep pushing right to run through a fake wall, where the crystal will be.

The last one is right at the end of the level, but it’s sitting inside a spike pit right. Honestly, I don’t want to know which sadist is responsible for interior decoration here. Wait until the spikes have lowered and quickly snap up the crystal before exiting the level.


Both treasures in this level are activated via switches. But don’t worry, they’re not tricky to acquire if you know where to look. For treasure one, reach the areea with a cannon goblin and fall down below (carefully) onto a platform with two mummified goblins. Keep going right and descend the steps. Jump onto the spiky wood platform when safe, then jump up onto the wooden ledge near the green snake. Defeat it. Continue right and step on the orange switch to activate a barrier, which is located just above you. Jump up again and go right through the newly opened passage way. Defeat the pirate goblin (and red witch if you haven’t already) before claiming your prize.

Treasure 2 is near the skeleton knight, but you’ll need to do some prep work to get it. Jump onto the ledge (on the left of the skeleton knight) and push the block until it’s lined up with the upper wall on the right (don’t push it all the way to the end). Then use it to jump up right through a fake wall. Activate the orange switch by jumping onto it. Then fall down and go right into the spiky area with a green bird. See that single block at the left of a row of ground level spikes? That’s suspicious. Fall down onto it, and push left to break through a fake wall. Now that the barrier is unlocked, claim the treasure.


Crystal 1 is above a rotating wood platform (with a spike encrusted flipside!) at the start of the level, just before a pig. Time it carefully and the crystal is yours.

 The second crystal is also fairy easy to obtain, but accidentally missing the landing can result in death. Reach the area with a couple of brown ghosts and a cannon goblin. To the lower left of your screen, you’ll notice the crystal tucked inside a nook in wall. Jump into it. Then safely jump to your right and dispose of the mummified goblins (without falling into the gaping chasm below, please).

Crystal 3 will be visible in your general level exploration. It’s near the end of the level, in the air above a skeleton knight. You can double jump to access it.


The first treasure is located at the beginning of the level, in a lower right section. After defeating the purple ogre, you’ll notice a mini spike pit and two green slender poles. Don’t jump up left. Rather, jump off of the second pole to the right, and land on a tiny green ledge (or the platform below it). You should see a green bird here. Defeat it and descend into the tiny throne room to collect your treasure.

Treasure 2 is near crystal no 3. After obtaining the final crystal, continue going left and you’ll see a pig. Defeat or jump over him and make your way to the treasure (POTION).


Crystal 1 is located at the very beginning of the level. Defeat the pirate goblin and cannon goblin, and drop through the fake floor into the pit. Crystal 2 is near a skeleton knight, axe goblin and brown ghost. It can be accessed by jumping and quickly breaking a brick wall while mid air (to create an opening). Then use the platform to boost your jump into the gap and proceed leftward.

The final crystal can be found in a higher region. To reach it, first find an area with a brick wall blocking your progress. Carefully slash the brick wall so only the two uppermost bricks are destroyed. Then jump into the gap, and jump leftwards. You’ll come to a section with two moving spiky blocks; wait until each one is a safe distance away, then dive into the pit, and jump out again at an appropriate time to progress forward.


For the initial treasure, go to that pit with the moving spiky block. You can’t see it, but there’s an invisible passageway dead centre. Go to the middle and you’ll fall. Go left and you’ll be faced with a green bird. Defeat or dodge it. In the bottom right hand corner, you’ll be able to grab the treasure. To exit from this area, move left along the tunnel, defeat the axe goblin, and you’ll eventually reach an orange switch. Activate it by standing on it. It will open the barrier before you and set you free.

The fate of treasure 2 (PORCELAIN VASE) is tied with that of the second crystal. It’s behind a locked door toward the end of the level and requires a key to be accessed.

CRYSTALS GOODCrystal 1 is located inside a pit with moving spiky block. Just wait until the block has moved to the left hand side, and dip into the pit to grab it.

Crystal 2 can only be accessed with a key, so make sure you have it ready. When you have escaped the passageway after acquiring the first treasure, go right past the moving spiky block again. Keep going until you see two green poles spaced apart evenly. Jump on the second shorter one. Then double jump up right straight into an invisible alcove in the wall and swipe the key. Carefully navigate the next section (two vertically moving spiky blocks) and a temperamental spike belt. Go past the pirate goblin and spider. Fall down and continue left, underneath the solitary green ledge. There’s an invisible wall there, so go through it. Now the key will unlock a door there, and you can easily pick up the crystal.

The final crystal is visible in the course of normal level progression. Defeat the purple ogre before running past a falling thomp. Quickly dash into the crystal and wait until the thwomp has risen again to exit without getting scathed.


To reach treasure 1, make your way up the disappearing silver panels, to the top left hand side of the level. You will eventually reach the prize (a bucket load of gems).

The second treasure is hidden behind a fake wall near the end of the level. It’s very close to the last crystal. Once you’ve obtained the crystal, go up to the highest point in the wall. Break through the fake wall. Jump up. You will reach a small room with some rats (if you haven’t already killed them), a flame, and the treasure. Collect the bounty, and exit the level.


Once you’ve picked up the first treasure, don’t be so quick to leave. Jump into the wall behind it to discover Crystal 1 and three coins below it. The second crystal will be in plain sight. It’s just past a green snake, suspended below a disappearing grey platform. Jump when it’s deactivated to grab the crystal, then use up your second jump quickly to land on the active platform/panel.

Crystal 3 is near the end of the level. On your way down, you’ll encounter a purple ogre, pig and pirate goblin. Defeat them, and you should arrive at an area with a pirate goblin. Jump into the crevices on the wall to your left, and you will climb to a point where you can easily jump into the final crystal.


The first treasure is located right at the beginning of the level, but is very easy to miss. Jump down onto the blue and orange blocks. Don’t go right. Instead, jump left through the green beam (it’s fake). You’ll drop onto a ledge with the treasure (RED FEATHER).


Treasure 2 will be behind a fake wall, guarded by a spider. It’s actually quite close to crystal two. Drop to ground level. Defeat the green snake (if you wish), then push left through the two fake green poles. You’ll walk through a fake wall, and the treasure will be waiting just a couple of steps down.


Crystal 1 is in the air. Go past the moving spiky block (situated on ground level) and ascend the platforms. To your right there’ll be an axe goblin. Dispose of him or ignore the battle for now, and go left. Then double jump off the ledge and snatch the crystal. The second crystal is perched on a ledge near an axe goblin. Defeat the minion, and jump up to collect it (beware the purple ogre up top).

Time for the last one. Crystal 3 is in a pit next to a gold coin. Unfortunately, there’s also a spiky block that’s ascending and descending into said pit. Time it right and grab the crystal before the block tries to embrace you. Note: This area can only be accessed with a key, which is located in an earlier room with a large rat.


Once you’ve obtained the initial crystal, use the spring again to catapult yourself up high. Go left, careful when you pass the spiky thwomp. Defeat the skeleton knight, and keep going left. See those two oddly positioned squares? Something’s up. Jump over them to fall down a hidden passage. Treasure 1 (FLAMBERGE) awaits on a platform below.

Treasure 2 is locked inside an area a little further on. To reach it, go through the locked door (you’ll need that key just behind the skeleton knight). Then keep going till the platform with the pig. Defeat him, but don’t jump up. Here you need to jump through the fake wall on the right. Then jump up, and you should see a spring. Use this to double jump up onto a higher platform with the treasure chest.


The initial crystal is accessible via a spring at the beginning of the level. Jump up and land on the platform. You should be able to see it in in narrow gap on the right. Crystal 2 is impossible to miss if you’ve found the second treasure. Jump up through the beige barrier, go right through a fake wall and it will be suspended in the air with a coin on either side.

Crystal 3 is quite conspicuously located. Reach the platform with a purple ogre (suspended over a spike floor). Jump down and quickly use your other jump to land back on the platform again safely.


Treasure the first is located in a high altitude region. To access it, come to a brick wall. Don’t destroy it completely – leave the right hand side intact, and use it as leverage to jump onto the balcony. Then jump on the blue ascending panel. From there, leap onto the red moving platforms, switching at appropriate times, and you’ll eventually reach the treasure (JEWELRY BOX). Be careful of the bats along the way!

Treasure 2 is near the end of level. Navigate two rotating axes with caution, then keep jumping left (kill the red witch so it doesn’t chase you with pesky magic spells). Then go past skeleton knight (either jump or defeat him), and drop down the gap and immediately jump right to snap it up.


Crystal 1 is behind an invisible wall. Reach the horizontally moving block. When it’s all the way on the right, dash left. You’ll run right into the crystal, but it’s so close to the wall you won’t have time to see it unless you’re in goblin form (requires morph talisman). For Crystal 2, go back to that area with the brick wall you used as leverage for the first treasure. You should see a goblin mummy there. Defeat him, and go left. You will drop through a fake floor, and see a green snake hissing just before the crystal. Put it out of its misery and pocket your reward.

The last crystal is right at the end of level. Use the mini platform to reach it, and deal with the axe goblin if you like. If you use the morph talisman with any goblin, they don’t attack you. Instead they stare at you in confusion – pretty funny to watch.


For Treasure 1, make it to the area with an axe goblin. Then jump left and navigate two wooden spiky platforms. They’re rotating so time it wisely. You should reach a wooden platform. Jump up towards the treasure. Treasure 2 is behind a fake ceiling/wall near a cannon goblin.


Crystal 1 is on the same beam as treasure 1 so it’s pretty unmissable. Just run right after opening the chest and you’ll automatically run into it. The second crystal is part of regular level progression. It’s just past a pig that’s patrolling a ledge.  Jump up into it.

Last but not least, crystal number 3 is right towards the end. You’ll come to a place with two axe goblins. Defeat the one on the left, then make haste through the fake wall behind it. Leap upward to snag four gold coins plus the final crystal, and exit the stage with grace.


For the initial treasure, jump up to the green panel after you see the second rotating axe. Then leap through the roof and you’ll find the treasure awaiting you.

Treasure 2 is in another section with red moving panels. Reach the place with a purple ogre and red witch. Defeat them, and rather than jumping up, drop down into the pit.  When you’re riding the panel, quickly destroy the brick walls. Then jump up onto the platform with the treasure chest, which contains the OLD MAP. Don’t stop and admire the parchment for too long, because you need to ride the panel the rest of the way!


Crystal 1 is in plain sight but you’ll need to act fast. While you’re riding the red panel, quickly jump when the rotating axe is out the way, and snatch the crystal. The second crystal is on the same course as the second treasure. It’s located in the second red panel section, in a south east direction from the treasure chest. If you’re doing this in a single run (ie collecting both treasure 2 and crystal 2) you need to be very, very fast not to miss the red panel.

Crystal 3 will be nestled inside a tight gap. Below, take care to jump over a spiky horizontally moving block. Then jump up to an area with an axe goblin. Sadly you can’t just leap straight into the nook from there (the gap is far too small). You’ll need to jump on top of the platform and fall down onto it.


Like the Great Forest and every other main region, level 16 is technically a secret/bonus level. It only unlocks once you’ve collected every single crystal in previous levels. It’s also designed to be the hardest in difficulty – especially if you’re going for an all-crystals-all-treasures/no damage run – but it’s not impossible.

Treasure 1 is hidden behind an invisible wall. To get it, go past a rotating axe (beneath which is a purple ogre). Keep going right. Defeat the axe goblin (and cannon goblin if you want extra gems). Go down and dispose of the pig and rats. Then go left. You should see a solitary flame. Jump up onto the middle platform. Continue left (without jumping up again) and you’ll walk through the invisible wall. You must be very, very careful up ahead, as there are descending/ascending thwomps, and the hit radius is large. Make it to the other side for the DEMON BLADE.

The second treasure is just behind an axe goblin, in an upper left location. To get there, climb the spiky pathway after crystal 2. Time it right, and jump left onto a block with a rotating axe. Then quickly leap onto the spring just to your left. Keep going in this direction, defeating the mummy goblin and axe goblin. When the treasure is in sight, don’t jump straight up or you’ll get spiked by the ceiling and lose a life. Allow yourself to ‘fall’ just a little bit and then jump onto the platform to claim the prize.


The first crystal will be above a block with a rotating axe. Quickly jump into it and defeat the surrounding enemies. Crystal 2 is very missable, especially if you’re under duress, thinking of how to escape this absolute trapfest! You’ll come to an area with a purple ogre and rotating axe. Defeat the ogre when safe. Then go right. Wait until the spikes are down, then run for your life to the right and you will break through an invisible wall, where the crystal is being kept.

Crystal 3, the very last one before you can depart this gem of a level, is hidden behind a cannon goblin near the end. Defeat it, then leap through the fake wall and you’ll see the crystal glimmering before you. Swipe it up, defeat the rest of the cannon goblins on your path, and keep focused. Just before you leave, there’s a horizontally moving spiky block. Drop when it’s safe. Time to leave the castle like a nobleman.

sacred ruins title

sacred ruins plaque

sacred ruins

The Sacred Ruins are the 6th main area of Goblin Sword. There are 9 levels (not including the boss levels). Here are the locations of all the treasures and crystals in each level.



Reach an area with 2 horizontally moving spiky platforms. Jump onto the ancient pillar in between them. Then jump up and left through the fake wall above. Use the spring to propel yourself into a symmetrical vase area (blue and red vases). Via the upper right ledge, jump through the fake ceiling above and follow the passage. Drop down to find the treasure waiting. Go to the area with the first wooden spinning wheel. Don’t proceed to the ledge on the right with the purple axe dingo. Instead, land on the grey fire breathing head and drop down onto the ledge below. Before you reach the end of the corridor (with 2 vases), jump up into the ceiling a bit further back until you find a concealed passage that leads upward. Jump into it and walk all the way to the end to find the treasure (THIEF’S CLOAK).

l1 t2l1 treasure


Go past the archer rabbit and use the spring to leap upwards past a horizontally moving spiky block. Then jump left onto a ledge with a purple axe dingo. Use the spring that is above and left to catapult yourself upward, then go left through a fake wall for crystal number 1.


For the next one, stand still on a horizontally moving spiky block. It is through a fake wall on the left. The last crystal is near the end of the level. Jump on the grey fire breathing statue and go through a fake wall, then past the spikes. Jump up into the upper right corner to swipe crystal 3.




Reach an area with a blue spiky falling block. Jump onto the first pulley, then drop down ledges all the way to the recess in the lower left wall. Go through and use the temporary blocks to ascend your way to the first treasure. Get back up and go right past the 2nd blue spiky falling block. Jump across 2 pulleys and go through the passageway to the right of the temporary block ledge. Keep going right and dispose of archer rabbit. Go left towards pulleys and ride left pulley down all the way, then go through the fake wall on the left. Keep going left and you’ll find a green treasure chest. Note: This is a fake treasure chest. It contains a bomb, so keep clear. (Very reminiscent of Prince of Persia potions) Go down and go left again to where the real treasure is hiding, in a cavern right below the fake treasure. (VENOM BLADE)


Beware the fake treasures:



Reach the second set of pulleys. Jump on the first one then quickly leap left into the recess in the wall (slightly above). Work your way up to 2 sets of rising/falling spikes. Go past these to find the first crystalCrystal 2 is easy to miss, but it’s actually behind a fake wall on the right immediately after crystal 1.


For the final crystal, follow the pulley system rightwards until you reach a ledge with a purple axe dingo. Drop down 2 ledges and go right through a fake wall. Fall into the pit where you will find a crystal surrounded by coins.




Go right after the first crystal. Another stone wheel drops to clear the path ahead of you. When it leaves its ledge, jump on it and go through the fake wall on the left to collect the treasure. (MORPH TALISMAN) Exit the pit of the second crystal and go right. Drop down onto the ledge below 2 wooden spinning wheels and 1 spiky rotating beam.



After the first stone wheel section, pass by a set of 2 spikes and reach a spring. Jump on it and direct yourself leftward to break through a fake ceiling. Ascend the mini wooden ledges to collect the first crystal in the top left hand corner. When you first begin the level, drop bellow the spinning wheel and defeat the archer rabbit. Then proceed down and right along the base floor of the level. At some stage, a giant stone wheel collapses and clears the path before you (watch it doesn’t hit you). Go up the spring and continue right, past the fox hood, chainwhip pig and painted ghost. Fall down mini ledges and go left to the area with 2 fire spitting statue heads. When it’s safe, go up and grab the crystal.


Fall through the gap in the floor after the 2 nd stone wheel. Fall down the mini wooden ledges and keep pressing left, defeating the chainwhip pig along the way. You’ll reach an area with a spiky floor and ceiling, a wooden spinning wheel in the middle, and 2 fire spitting statue heads on the left. The crystal is all the way to the left after a second set of fire spitting statues.




Fall down into the area past the purple axe dino onto floor near the pulleys (above the spikes). A chainwhip pig and rolling stone circle will be just ahead. Note a gap in the left wall – it’s fake. Go through it to find fox hood on the other side. Defeat him and move left to find a spiky pathway. It’s too long even for the lightning boots. For the real pathway, use the red spring to catapult upward into the fake wall on the left and follow the passage all the way to the treasure. At the start of the level, past the fox hood and archer rabbit, there is a section with a block barricading your progress. Lined up before it are 4 lit torches. The fire symbol on the block is the hint; use the ice sword or wave sword to douse the torches and the block will melt away. Go forth and collect the treasure at the end of the tunnel. (POWER BRACER)



Go past the archer rabbit. Reach the wooden spinning wheel, then jump up left onto wooden ledges,then up and left through a fake wall to access the crystal. Reach an area with a horizontally moving spiky block. From the wooden ledge, jump onto the red spring and catapult upwards to the left. Ascend 2 mini wooden ledges to the top and reach crystal no 2.


For the last crystal, proceed rightward after collecting treasure 1. You’ll reach an area with a falling circle stone wheel. Wait until it rolls by, then follow its trail. Just above a pair of spikes on the floor is the crystal.




For the first treasure, go to the travelling man and pay him 5,000 gems to open the door. Walk through and ascend the stairs to claim your reward (KATAR). For treasure no 2, go past 2 pulleys and blue blocks. Fall down (don’t use the pulley) onto a section with 2 choices of spring. Use the right one, then jump right onto the pulley and ride it down. This lowers an earlier pulley. Jump right and go down onto the floor of the level. Follow the pathway to the left, until you reach the 2 springs section again. This time, jump on the raised pulley for leverage to access the treasure, which is located on an upper right ledge above.


CRYSTALS GOODDefeat all the slew of monsters below (spellcaster, archer rabbit, fox hood and painted ghost). Don’t go down toward the purple axe dino. Instead go right and pass the vase. Then climb the steps to reach a travelling man who offers to open a barrier for you for a ‘nice price’ of 5,000 gems (worse than the Magic Bean merchant in Zelda!) Go left and jump up through  the fake section of wall, and continue upward to access Crystal 1, which is flanked by 2 coins. The second crystal is past a spike pit with 2 wooden spinning wheels.


Near the end of the level, there are 2 rows of spikes. Jump over and fall down onto the narrow ledge hugging the left wall. Jump onto the moving spinning wheel and then jump up and left into the nook to collect the final crystal.




For treasure 1, pass the area with the blue falling spike blocks and 2 wooden spinning wheels until you reach a goblin tunnel. Equip the morph talisman and stick to the left. Go down the ‘T’ and navigate your way across a spiky block towards the treasure (RUSTY SWORD). To upgrade this weapon, take it to the blacksmith, who is located in the first level of the Shadow Temple. He can fix it for 3,000 gems – purchase the upgrade to max out all the stats and convert it into the FALCON BLADE. Next up is treasure 2. Fall to the bottom of the level after the 1st fire spitting statue head, in a narrow gap past some spikes near the end of the level. Avoid the rising/falling spikes and falling blue spiky block and claim the second treasure.



Crystal 1 is in the air above a temporary block. Just before the goblin tunnel section. The next one is above a spinning wooden wheel, near the goblin tunnel section. Begin to ride the red panel,but don’t follow it, jump up to snag crystal 2.


At the end of the level (just prior to the exit) jump left through the fake wall, then jump up and left. Scale the large gaps to reach the final crystal.




Reach an area where a mysterious cloaked individual gives you cryptic advice about a secret passage. He is talking about the Power Bracerwhich shoots fire in 3 directions simultaneously. Equip it before you enter this level. Then go past the cloaked individual and you’ll reach an area with 3 green diamonds. Stand on the centre platform and press and hold A to charge the weapon, then release the fire. The diamonds turn red and the secret tunnel ahead will open. Enter it, and descend the stairs for the treasure (TRIDENT). Treasure 2 is near the end of the level. Drop down from a wooden spinning wheel and hug the right wall to fall onto a ledge. Proceed through a fake wall on the right to claim the prize.


CRYSTALS GOODFor Crystal 1, climb the disappearing grey panels at the start of the level, but don’t jump right onto the 5th one. Instead, go left and there are 2 more panels. Jump onto the second one, then drop slightly onto a platform with a fox hound. Defeat it and claim the crystal. After the 2 spike pits with springs at the bottom, you’ll reach an area with a tusked goblin and green goblin. Drop down into a small room below for crystal 2.


Reach the area with a green goblin and green slime. The crystal is above a spiky rotating beam near the ceiling.



Go right (past the section after crystal 3) and defeat the flurry of enemies (green dragons, spellcaster). Then, defeat the statue head and push through the fake wall. Ascend the stairs to discover the treasure (GUARDIAN’S ROBES). For treasure 2, reach an area with yellow pulleys. Don’t go right, instead fall left onto the third wooden ledge and go left through a fake wall. Use the two yellow pulleys to jump over the spike pit, then navigate your way past the spiky rotating beam and upwards via 2 wooden spinning wheels. Ensure you avoid contact with the horizontally moving spiky block. The treasure is enclosed in an area between two stone beams.



Go past 3 spiky rotating beams and defeat the statue (equip Platinum Shield to deflect their attacks, or Steel Gauntlet to destroy attacks). Then walk right through the fake wall. Jump across the spike pit to the area with the spring and blue vase. For crystal 2, go to the section with the first wooden spinning wheel. Block the statue’s attack and destroy it. Then jump right into the upper right alcove to swipe the crystal.


Reach an area with the red spring (end of wooden spinning wheel and temporary block section). Jump up left and go towards the purple axe dino. Defeat it and proceed left. Then jump across the gap and continue until you jump into a recess with a blue and red vase. Jump above it and go left through the fake wall for the final crystal.




After crystal 1, continue rightward past the 2nd wooden spinning wheel. Don’t fall down, jump up and right to break through the fake wall and collect the treasure. The next treasure requires you to activate a switch. After crystal 2, you’ll reach an area with a fox hood. Don’t go past the flame. Stand on the grey platform and jump above the wooden bridge into a fake wall on the right. A cube is hidden here. Push it onto the bridge, then right past the flame and onto the wooden ledge where an archer rabbit should be. Push it right again onto the lower right wooden ledge, and finally through a fake wall onto a red switch. From there, go right towards a tusked goblin. Continue and you’ll reach an area with 3 layers of temporary falling blocks and horizontally moving big spiky blocks. Fall down all the way to the bottom onto the layer just above the spiky floor. Then quickly move left through a fake wall. The barrier is now unlocked. Head through and at the very end of the bottom passage your treasure awaits.



For the first crystal, go up the section with spiky rotating beams, fire spitting statues and wooden spinning wheels. You’ll reach a section with a red panel. Jump into the left nook for the crystal. For crystal 2, reach an area with a red spring. Jump up and land in an area with a thin, horizontally moving spike block. Manoeuvre around it and over the spikes in the middle, then push through the fake wall. The crystal is located within a small cave below to the left.


Near the end of the level, which is structurally similar to Level 16 of the Shadow temple, jump onto a grey spiky moving block for leverage and work your way up till the 2nd spinning wheel. Then jump onto the fire spiting statue head on the left, and move through the fake wall for the final crystal.




In version 2.5.1 of Goblin Sword, there are 30 weapons in total. Each weapon has different properties. Some have better speed (faster striking) or range (better reach), while some prioritise attack (more damage to enemy HP). Technically the strongest weapons are the Stardust Blade and Falcon Blade, which have maxed out stats for attack, speed and range. Interestingly, the attacking power and range of the Stardust Blade seem to be increased only when a magic orb is collected. Prior to that, its striking distance and power are somewhat lower. It is also of note that the Stardust Blade combined with a magic orb cannot kill say a Pig Knight in one hit, whereas a weapon like the Great Axe can.

weapons 1

Both the Chain Whip and the Great Axe can be found in the levels of the Lost City.weapons 2
The Flame Wand and Stardust Blade can be found in the levels of the Shadow Temple.
 weapon 3
The Sacred Ruins holds 4 new powerful weapons. The Katar is purchased for 5,000 gems from 
a traveller in level 6-5. The Falcon Blade is actually an upgraded version of
the Rusty Sword, which is found in level 6-6. Take the Rusty Sword to level
5-1 (Shadow Temple) and the blacksmith will repair it for 3,000 gems.
sacred realm weapons


There are 14 different types of armour available in Goblin Sword. While most can be purchased outright using coins, some must be earned through in game exploration. The purpose of armour is decorative rather than functional, since it does not give the player any additional powers as far as I know. At any rate, there is a nice selection to mix and match with the various weapons, significantly boosting character customisation.

armor gs

The Paladin Armor comes from the Lost City. Both the Mage Robe and the Veteran's Armor come from theShadow Temple.



There are 30 different relics in the game with a vast range of magical abilities. Some relics increase the drop rate for hearts or magic orbs, others allow you to wade unscathed through lava, and others summon guardians. There are two new relics added in Goblin Sword 2.0 – the Strength Ring and the Divine Bracelet. The Strength Ring gives you a 1/5 chance for a critical strike, while the Divine Bracelet makes weak weapons strong.

relics 1

The Shadow Cloak allows your character to run more quickly, and is therefore a good choice for speedrunning the timed levels.

relics 2

There are 8 guardians in Goblin Sword: Ghost, Dragon, Reaper, Fairy, Phoenix, Basilisk, Undead Warrior and Demon. Both the Basilisk, with its powerful, charged blasts, and the Undead Warrior, which mimics all your attacks, are excellent allies in battle.

relics 3

The Platinum Shield restores hearts when it is used, but will break after an enemy strikes it roughly four times and cannot be used again in the same run. Each time players use the Demon's Wallet, they consume 50 coins in order to summon a powerful sidekick. Both the Platinum Shield and Demon's Wallet are located within the Shadow Temple.

relics sacred realm

The Power Bracer allows you to release a simultaneous tri-directional attack, and the Morph Talisman lets you turn into a tiny goblin, perfect for squeezing through narrow spaces.


all relics gs

Goblin Sword has 20 different souvenirs which are scattered throughout its many levels. Find these to decorate your home. Like the armours, souvenirs have more of an aesthetic purpose but are nevertheless still fun to collect, and offer additional layers of challenge to the game. So if you’ve ever secretly wanted to be an interior decorator, why not start here? I hear pixel art is all the rage these days.

souvenir 1

The very first souvenir, the Oil Lamp, is located within the Great Forest behind a secret wall.

souvenir 2

The Gilded Mirror, located within the depths of the Lost City, is one of the most difficult souvenirs to obtain.

souvenir 3



These are the guys we love to hate. Goblin Sword is filled with a diverse array of enemies big and small throughout the levels of Great Forest, Ancient Castle, Dark Caves, Lost City, Shadow Temple and Sacred Ruins. Some rely on brute force, while others use their guile and witchcraft. These foes split their time between the land, sea and sky in order to put an end to the hero’s epic quest, but of course, it is the player who has the final say about that. This is an unofficial listing of all (or at least most of) the enemies encountered within the game. It’s certainly very interesting to see the evolution of certain enemies as the game progresses, and what better way to document it than a chart. All 13 bosses are also included after the general enemies.


lc enemiesshadow temple

bosses 2




gem guide

Throughout Goblin Sword you will collect a dazzling variety of gems worth different amounts of currency. Sparkling blue diamonds earn you 10 gems but even the humble gold coin can make a difference when seeking to purchase something from the Merchant. Here is a chart that catalogues how much each gem fetches you. The maximum number of gems that can be collected as of Goblin Sword 2.5.1 is 100,000 gems.

gem guide

*Note: This walkthrough was done voluntarily and is completely fan-made. Any opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of Goblin Sword’s creators in any way.

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Footnote: When I was growing up, I remember being fascinated by the beautiful presentation of the Banjo-KazooieBanjo-Tooie and Diddy Kong Racing manuals for Nintendo 64. Their design inspired me to create this guide as well as the one for The Last Tinker: City of Colors. I am a big believer in written game guides, especially hardcover ones.

                                    Thank you for reading.

22 thoughts on “Game Guide – Goblin Sword

  1. I love you for this website and the work you put into it!!!!

    Thank you very much – i cannot say this strong enough.

    And yes, this is a great game!!!!!

    1. Hi Thomas, thank you so much for your lovely comment:D It makes me so happy when readers enjoy a post and can benefit from it-that’s what makes writing it so fun!! (I used to read a lot of Zelda: Ocarina of Time walkthroughs in the past, and I will never forget how grateful I was to the people that wrote them) Goblin Sword is just amazing-I’m glad you agree! It really inspired me in terms of game design, and the creativity of different hiding spots for the treasures and crystals. I hope that the developers continue to do great things with it in the future, and I’m looking forward to their other games too. Game on!

    1. Hi Aaabbb, go to the start menu and press ‘Options’. Then press ‘Credits’. You’ll notice icons for Facebook, Twitter and a Question mark just above the back button. Press the Question Mark – you can enter codes there:)

  2. Wow this is amazing. I appreciate the work you’ve put into this great guide. Much better than many on supposedly professional sites.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks so much for your lovely words:) No problem I had a lot of fun creating it and it makes me happy that so many people are using it!

  3. Great guide! Its a shame so few people know about Goblin Sword. I feel like those of us who grew up playing Sega Genesis or the NES would get a real kick out of this game. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to make this!

    1. Hey Kenny you’re absolutely welcome:) It was hinted at in level 1 of the Shadow temple, when the blacksmith says he’s run out of stock because he sold his last item to a bearded warrior. Now, the rusty sword is unusually weak for a weapon so far in the game, so on a hunch, I took it to the blacksmith to see if that was the weapon he was talking about. Luckily, it was! And he fixed it, for a price of course:D

  4. Thanks for an informative guide. Any chance of getting a hint for the Goblin Sword souvenir? It’s the only one I’m missing. Thanks.

    1. No worries! Yes, I’ve been incredibly busy and haven’t completely finished the guide for that reason, but I’ve got the drafts. Which souvenir are you after?

      1. The Goblin Sword, Legendary Sword that rules over all.

        In the 2nd souvenirs picture, it is the sword.

        Much thanks!

      2. Alright I’ve checked my notes, and I think I know where it’s from. It’s not actually something you discover in the worlds – it comes from defeating a particular boss, like how you receive the minotaur statue for defeating the minotaur (first great forest boss). There are 10 souvenirs scattered in the levels, and 10 that come from defeating bosses, making a total of 20 souvenirs. From memory, you receive the Goblin Sword after defeating the Dark Wizard (2nd boss dark caves).

        Here is a full breakdown:

        Minotaur – Minotaur Statue
        Werewolf – Holy Armor
        Mummy – Sarcophagus
        Skeleton King – Battle Axe
        Warg – Ceramic Armor
        Dark Wizard – Goblin Sword
        Cursed Warrior – Lion Statue
        Behemoth – Behemoth Horn
        Barbarian – Barbarian Helmet
        High Priest – Witch’s Broom
        Crocodactyl – N/A
        Fire Demon – N/A
        Giant Snake – N/A

  5. how do we get more hearts – do the extra potions found in treasure chests increase the number of hearts of life? How?


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