Unclassified Art-Over the hills and into space

In the nursery rhyme Five Little Ducks, we are presented with a sweet story that is set in a quaint, down to Earth location. But what would happen if we added a touch of surrealism to the tale? That is what the painting below, Over the hills and into space, aims to explore. My major influence for this painting comes from the brilliant Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian magic realist painter, who painted The Phenomenon of Floating in addition to countless other amazing pieces. I have also included some ledges on the right half of the painting, which serve as the link to normal Earth. They almost make me think of a video game. The ducks might have been hopping down them just moments earlier, collecting secret items! We will never truly know. This really makes me wonder how much of an impact games can influence our minds, our imaginations, and so on. Does what we play determine who we are? Or does who we are determine what we play? -kkatlas

over the hills and into space

Over the hills and into space, Acrylic on canvas (2015) 300 mm x 400 mm


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