Unclassified Art-We could be Giants

Hello everyone, today will be another experimental piece in which I’ll be covering the magnificent genre of magic realism. This is a genre of art which my sister is particularly fond of, so her passion for it gave me half the inspiration to create this work. The other half comes from Ella Henderson’s song, Giants. In the lyrics, she sings ‘we could be giants’, a line which I fused with magic realism by making the cliff transform into a giant. The eyes watching from the sky represent something too. They represent Hera, Queen of the Gods in Greek mythology, and come from the television series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. As for what they mean in this painting, I’ll leave that up to your interpretation:) Please enjoy. -kkatlas

we could be giants

We could be Giants, Acrylic on canvas (2015) 400 mm x 400 mm


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