Unclassified Art- The Travellers Three

As you peer through the window, you become lost in the ethereal majesty of the clouds. The muted sounds of passengers rushing towards their flights does not disrupt this moment. You are suspended in time. You are a traveller on a journey with no destination. 

travellers three

The Travellers Three, Acrylic on Canvas (2015) 445 mm x 345 mm

The inspiration behind this painting, The Travellers Three, comes from sitting at the airport terminal and waiting for the plane to arrive. On this particular day, the clouds looked like fierce dragons guarding the resplendent sun, and I knew that it had to be documented. The message I hope to convey in this piece is that we all have our own journeys, beginning and ending at different times. And more specifically, if we pause to take a snapshot of the precise moment after one has finished and another is about to commence, this is what we might see. -kkatlas


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