Unclassified Art – On A Tangent

I love space. I think it is one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring things that the human eye can behold. Its volume keeps us wandering, its mysteries keep us pondering. For this painting, On A Tangent, I was heavily inspired by the book of Giles Sparrow – Hubble Legacy Edition. On the back cover, there is a note that says the book contains the “most dramatic images of the universe taken by the Hubble telescope”. And indeed, they are truly out of this world. What I painted below is a fusion of the star cluster NGC 602 and the Bullet cluster (1E 0657-556), comprised of light and dark matter. The message I hope to convey to viewers is to never stop exloring. Please enjoy. -kkatlas

On A Tangent, Acrylic on Canvas, 1350 mm x 700 mm


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