Disney Art- Peter Pan

Do you love Peter Pan? Excellent, so do I.  It’s one of my favourite Disney films of all time, and I thank J. M. Barrie from the bottom of my heart for creating it. I think there is a child deep inside everyone of us that yearns for adventure, and Peter Pan is symbolic of that. The two paintings below are from the original Disney animation and the 2003 film directed by P. J. Hogan respectively. Both were created using acrylics on canvas. The specific scenes I chose to paint where the moments when Peter, Wendy, John and Michael are flying past Big Ben on their way to Neverland, and secondly the scene in the P. J. Hogan film when Peter and Wendy are observing the fairy dance through the roots of the tree. I am happy with how Peter and Wendy turned out, but I still think that Peter Pan flying past Big Ben could have been a bit more precise. I hope you all enjoy.

peter pan flying past big ben

Peter Pan flying past Big Ben, Acrylic on Canvas (2014)

peter and wendy

Peter and Wendy, Acrylic on Canvas (2014)


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