Game Art- Brothers a Tale of Two Sons (Mother Turtle and Kids)

I first had the pleasure of playing through Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons back in July of this year, and even though several months have passed since then, its emotional impact still resonates within me. The unforgettable storyline and incredibly beautiful artwork not only set a new benchmark for video games, but also gave me some fantastic ideas for more paintings. And personally, I believe you should paint what you’re passionate about. The painting below is a scene from the game that can be unlocked if you complete the Turtle Soup achievement, in which you reunite three lost baby turtles with their mother. It reminded me a lot of the children’s song about the five little ducks returning to their mother. This is my artistic impression of the screenshot from the game, and doesn’t match the colour scheme exactly, so I hope to refine that aspect of my paintings in the future. I enjoyed bringing this piece to life very much, and if time permits, I plan to do more paintings based on Brothers in the future. I hope you all enjoy.  

brothers turtles painting

Mother Turtle and Kids, Acrylic on Canvas (2014)


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