Unclassified Art- Man on Park Bench

Hello dear readers of this blog, I hope you’re feeling inspired today! It’s a funny thing, inspiration. Sometimes you can be looking for it for so long, and yet, it doesn’t come to you. Other times, it comes when you least expect it. When I was walking through the shopping centre the other day, that’s exactly what happened. I saw an old man dressed in black, with a smart black hat on, and he was eating strawberry ice-cream on a cone. Almost instantly, the image stuck in my mind, and I imagined him sitting on a park bench sharing his ice-cream with his grandson or granddaughter. That was what made me want to paint the picture below.

Man on Park Bench

Man on Park Bench, Acrylic on canvas (2014)

I specifically chose an autumn theme because I think the combination of red, orange and yellow leaves looks quite beautiful in real life. The cobblestone path is there to make it look like an old park that hasn’t been refined with modern construction-ie smooth pavements. The faces of the grandfather and the boy aren’t filled in with details like eyes, noses or mouths because in doing this painting, I wanted to focus on the message. I hope to capture the innocence of childhood, the warmth you feel when you give something to another person, and the beauty of intergenerational connectedness. I hope you enjoy it.



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