Political Cartoon- 2006 Victorian State Election

I have a large stash of old artworks. Most of them are about anime, portraits, or the secret hideouts of elves and rabbits. But the artwork below is a political cartoon that was almost lost, so I’d like to share it with all of you today. Back in November 2006, Victoria had a State Election where the politicians Steve Bracks and Ted Baillieu were in the running for State Premier. The election was held in the same month as the Melbourne Cup, the famous annual horse racing event that stops the nation. I decided to combine the two into a political cartoon that encapsulates the spirit of the Melbourne Cup and the battle between opposing political parties as they try to grab the public’s votes. Considering that the 2014 Victorian State Election is happening tomorrow, I find it both hilarious and oddly coincidental that I found this particular cartoon today.

victorian state election cartoon

Steve Bracks and Ted Baillieu as jockeys in the ‘Election Cup’ of 2006

Both Bracks (Labour party) and Baillieu (Liberal party) are portrayed as jockeys in the race to win the election ‘cup’. Instead of the usual advertisements from various sponsors, I stuck all their election promises on the banners outlining the racetrack, such as an Ultranet and the investment of $129 million to create more mental health beds. Former Australian Prime Minister John Howard (Liberal party) can be seen in the stands cheering Baillieu on, and praising the decision to promise the public with a desalination plant. At the time, Victorians were facing tough water restriction measures and the desalination plant was suggested as a potential long term solution. Finally, the shady character in the top right hand corner is a punter, or a gambler who has backed a horse at the races. In this case, he appears hopeful that Bracks will pull through and win, referring to him as the ‘black horse’-which clearly should have said ‘dark horse’, but that’s an error on my behalf.

The artwork was created with coloured pencils and black pen. I enjoy commenting on political affairs through cartoons, so I may revisit this type of art in the future. Questions, comments and constructive criticism is welcome below.

*Note: The above cartoon is intended for comical purposes and does not reflect my political ideologies and beliefs.


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