Game Art- An Escher between Worlds

Hi folks. Ever since the last post about overlapping Nintendo/Sega characters, I couldn’t quite get the Link/Escher idea out of my head. So of course, I grabbed my trusty copies of Hyrule Historia and my A Link Between Worlds (ALBW) Prima strategy guide, and did some research on Escher’s artworks.

albw walkthrough

ALBW Prima Strategy guide: Light green, gold border, hardback edition. Stunningly detailed.

hyrule historia

Hyrule Historia: Secrets, history, and artwork galore.

I decided to go with Relativity because it had lots of stairs and walls, the latter being perfect for any artwork from ALBW. I drew this piece using pencil and pen. I sort of thought about the twisted corridor from Ocarina of Time before I actually drew it-which could also inspire some pretty amazing art.

an escher between worldsAs always, thoughts and constructive criticisms are welcomed. And if you’re linguistically inclined like me, you might be interested to know that Hyrule Historia also shows you a lot of different writing systems used throughout the Zelda Universe:

gate of time characters  Hylian syllabery  Writing system in era without a hero                                             Gerudo Alphabet   Twilight Era writing system

In order from left to right: (1) The alphabet used on the Gate of Time-these characters are now impossible to interpret. (2) Hylian syllabery which bears an evident similarity to the Japanese Writing system katakana. It also appears on the Kakariko Village gate, and if read from right to left spells out: kakariko mura, meaning Kakariko Village in Japanese. (3) Writing system in the era that was hero-less. Also based on the Japanese Writing system and can be deciphered accordingly. (4) The Gerudo Alphabet or typography. A less angular and more curvaceous script, suggests it comes from a foreign place. (5) Twilight Era writing system that was used in Hyrule. Each symbol corresponds to its English equivalent. Decipherable.


(1) Twisted corridor screenshot:
(2) Kakariko Village screenshot: Zelda Dungeon YouTube Walkthrough (Ocarina of Time)


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